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Our Mission

While Oil and Gas Development becomes more prevalent in our Colorado communities, current state legislation is failing to represent the will and best interests of the people. A growing body of evidence suggests hydraulic fracturing and other highly industrial processes are associated with severe health impacts, lowered property values and contamination of our air and water.

The time has come for Coloradans to take a stand for the health and safety of our communities. This is our Colorado and we must preserve our right to protect our families, properties and way of life.

There are only 21 inspectors for the 50,000+ active wells in Colorado

What Can I Do?

This November, take a stand!

Colorado is home to a number of diverse communities with unique concerns. “One size fits all” regulations are inappropriate to our needs. We have both the opportunity and responsibility to protect our communities and the future of Colorado. Cast your ballot in favor of local control over hydraulic fracking and Oil & Gas Development.

1. Join the conversation!

We are a Colorado grassroots movement working to gain local control over oil & gas development and fracking in our communities via a state ballot initiative.

2. Endorse Local Control

Join a large and growing list of Colorado leaders, business groups, organizations and individuals who care about Local Control in Colorado.

Colorado stands for independence


Coloradans should have the right to decide whether they want fracking and Oil and Gas Development next to their homes, schools or public parks, without fear of lawsuit. Please, join a large and growing list of Colorado leaders, business groups, organizations and individuals, in endorsing this amendment to the Colorado Constitution.


What Does Local Control Do?

There are currently 4 cities facing litigation because of their democratic decisions on fracking

The Ballot Language

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Colorado:

SECTION 1. The constitution of the state of Colorado, article XVIII is amended by the addition of a new section, Section 17, as follows:

Section 17: Local control of oil and gas development

(1) Purpose and findings.

  1. (a) The people of the state of Colorado find and declare that the development of oil and gas, including the use of hydraulic fracturing, may impact local interests such as air quality, public health, safety, welfare, property values, and the character of our communities; that the public has historically relied upon local governments to regulate certain local land uses and to minimize potential conflicts between industrial development and the interests of the local community; that local governments are entitled to protect their people and their communities using the precautionary principle; that to protect these interests the people desire to expand the authority of local governments by vesting in them the right to impose local restrictions on oil and gas development without fear of state preemption.
  2. (b) The purpose of this amendment is to empower all of Colorado’s local governments to adopt rules, such as charter amendments, laws, ordinances, or regulations, to protect their public, their communities, and their air, water, and land through additional local restrictions on oil and gas development, including bans or moratoria on hydraulic fracturing.

(2) Definitions.

  1. (a) “Local government” means any county, city and county, city, or town, whether statutory or home rule, located in the state of Colorado.
  2. (b) “Oil and gas development” includes all physical or chemical processes or procedures used to explore for, extract, process, produce, store, or transport petroleum products, including natural gas, byproducts such as asphalt, or waste. retailers of petroleum product consumer goods are not developers.

(3) Grant of authority

  1. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, local governments may restrict the time, place or manner of oil and gas development, including but not limited to prohibitions or moratoria.
  2. (b) Such restrictions are deemed not to be in conflict with the state’s interests.
  3. (c) No local government may enact any rule on oil and gas development that is less protective of any interest, including public health, welfare, safety, or air or water quality, than any other existing Colorado, federal, or concurrent local provision.

(4) Self-executing and severability provisions. All provisions of this section are self executing and severable.

Vote for local control because you love Colorado


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